Liza Hecht

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a community board for the past year. She has brought vision, direction and organization to our group, and nowhere were these skills more evident then when she led our search committee. By her management skills and tremendous good humor we were able to recruit an executive director in a professional, thorough and cost efficient manner. Stated simply, she got the job done.”

Liza HechtSenior Counsel, serves with Lisa on Cora Hartshorn Arboretum Board

Martin YateThis is an unsolicited endorsement. Over the last three months I got a real understanding of Lisa Chenofsky Singer’s professional acumen when she joined an expert panel for one of my projects. Lisa has an unusually broad and deep understanding of HR, recruitment and professional growth issues. 

We live in an uncertain world where the knowledge and wisdom required to survive and prosper over the long haul is almost non-existent. Lisa is one of the few who really “get it” and who has developed a cogent response to the issues. In twenty five years I have published fourteen books, each addressing a different aspect of job search and career management, Lisa Chenofsky Singer is one of less than sixty people I have quoted in my entire body of work.”

Martin Yate, CPC, NY Times bestseller, Author and commentator on career issues, www.knockemdead.com

Viviana Mastrobuoni“Lisa is a dynamic presenter and conversation facilitator. I had the privilege of being under her expert tutelage regarding Work & Personality styles. Lisa is exceptional in helping people to understand their Personality type’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to work more effectively with collegues with different attributes. The course content she has personally developed and references from other Personality Type/Work Style experts, is compelling and thought provoking. Lisa clearly is impassioned about helping people/organizations achieve synergy through engaging the strengths of all Personality styles. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Viviana Mastrobuoni, Employment & Training Specialist at NJ State Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

Ted Gesing
“Lisa’s been a great help to us as we developed a film about individuals in transition. She knows this world and HR and is very smart at putting good people in touch. She’s a problem solver who became a de facto fixer for our project. I highly respect her work.”

Ted Gesing, Field Producer, Frontline – Ofra Bikel Productions

“Lisa’s vast knowledge and experience were central to my effective review and development of my own personal goals and priorities during my career transition. Her advice and support took my interview preparation to the next level, greatly improving my confidence and performance. Lisa challenged me to think more clearly, focus more intently and aim higher during this time.”

Senior Research Scientist, Major Pharmaceutical Company, New Jersey

Phil Evans“Lisa’s incredibly broad and deep knowledge of HR and organizational issues enables her to be a strong HR partner to the CEO and CFO of a business and to add considerable value to an organization. She is adept at dealing with employee related issues – including hiring, firing, development and performance management – and is also well versed in the myriad legal and technical issues that can adversely affect a business if not properly managed.

Through her personal network and dedication to continuing professional development she stays on top of HR developments. Lisa has proven herself to be an exceptional HR leader.”

Philip Evans, Chief Financial Officer

“I must tell you that I enjoyed your seminar not only for the content but more importantly for your style of delivery.”

Senior Sales Consultant

“Her human resource expertise is sophisticated and remarkably current. When answering questions in a group or one-on-one in conversation, she totally hears what a person is saying and responds thoughtfully. She exudes the grace that is so often missing from today’s work environments.”

Group Facilitator, NJ DOL & Workforce Development

Greg Kaufman
“Lisa’s ability as a career coach is unsurpassed. She is warm, compassionate and very professional. She provided me with the skills that I needed to make a successful switch into a new career. I recommend her without reservation.”

G. Kaufman, MD, hired Lisa as a Career Coach

Brian Newman“Lisa is one of those rare visionary HR professionals. She looks forward at the possibilities, not the probabilities. I have been fortunate enough to see Lisa partner and coach members of the organization – leading a positive approach towards developing individual talent while doing what’s best for the business. Lisa’s vast HR knowledge coupled with her people skills, dedication and vision, makes her an asset to any organization.”

Brian Newman, Sales Executive

“Your personal knowledge of the employee population, coupled with good judgement, sound advice, strong project management skills, and a caring approach were all invaluable in meeting our business objectives while, at the same time, responding to the sensitivities and individual needs of our employees.”

Senior Vice President, Major Pharmaceutical Corporation, New Jersey

Jon Gelberg“Lisa is a dedicated Human Resources professional with a passion for her profession and a remarkable grasp of the myriad skills required (ranging from the legal and regulatory aspects of the position to the critical interpersonal skills).”

Jon Gelberg, CEO and Entrepreneur, New Jersey

“Lisa exhibits behaviors and results that exemplify strong character and professionalism. She is consistent & fair in her dealings with others and always meets commitments. She has also demonstrated strengths in the values of integrity, dedication to work associates and friends, teamwork and achieving results. She would be an excellent individual to partner with during any business venture or role.”

Human Resources Executive, New York City

“She was instrumental in providing me with highly productive employees, due in large part to her focused, well-defined hiring and interviewing processes. Lisa also helped me with the transitioning of employees. It has been my pleasure to work with her.”

Systems and IT Executive, Media and Entertainment Company

Keith Bogan“Lisa is a very intelligent and business savvy individual who understands the challenges of the corporate world, as well as those that career-minded people face every day. While having keen insights on those challenges, she also demonstrates a level of empathetic skill typically beyond others that work in the same field. I have gained significant knowledge and broad understanding of issues by interacting with Lisa that have been of great benefit to me. Her willingness to help others and support professionals, particularly those at the executive level and those in transition, has been an inspiration to many. She has been an outstanding addition to the field of coaching.”

Keith Bogen, SPHR, Chief Networking Officer, Whine & Dine Networking