Building on the Resumé

How can you get more information out there about you beyond your resumé?

By Lisa Chenofsky Singer
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Dear Career Coach Lisa,

As I linger in my job search, partially because I delayed my hunt, I find myself wondering if I am presenting properly. My resumé has been edited numerous times yet there is not much traction. Help please.

Short Hills


Being in transition, the politically correct term for being unemployed and in the midst of a job search, can have moments of bliss and moments of anxiety. The bliss may come from having the time to explore and the choice of how to spend your day, and the anxiety may come from not having an agenda to follow or a goal to achieve.

Having your resumé ready is important whether you are in job search or not. Preparing your resumé properly is an excellent process as it forces you to examine your skills and abilities relative to the demands of the marketplace. Resumés are one element of the multimedia marketing platform required today. How you present in today’s market involves an online presence as well. When was the last time you took a snapshot view of your online reputation? Are you satisfied with it? Think about where you want to take it next.

Think about how much exposure you want and need online based on what you do or wish to pursue. If you are a in a business that requires you to be a subject matter expert, then consider blogging or write a few guest columns on the subject. If you are breaking into a new field, consider following knowledgeable individuals in that area and then pose some thoughtful questions to engage in the dialogue.

Where you choose to engage with social media is up to you. Facebook is the “like” page. LinkedIn is the Rolodex with discussions and groups for information exchange. Twitter is exposure and sharing, and blogs tend to be topic specific based on the writer’s preferences. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily if you understand what you are trying to achieve. Which platform offers you the connections you need in your job search strategy?

A resumé cannot stand alone as most hiring managers will perform Internet searches on candidates before interviewing them. Their search can influence their decision to hire or not. Carefully consider what messages you have communicated and what you want to continue to communicate in the future. Determine what platforms work best for your targeted audience. This may include in person presence as well. Attending meetings, speaking or teaching will also enhance your reputation. Reputations are built over time and consistency of the message helps.


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