How To Change Fields

What’s the best way to change fields during these economic times?

By Lisa Chenofsky Singer
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Dear Career Coach Lisa,

I’m interested in transitioning out of financial services field into another field. How do I transition to another field such as healthcare without having the experience? Most positions require this experience.

Short Hills


You need to leverage your functional expertise. For example, if you are a technology professional, position yourself to sell your technical knowledge and how it relates to the desired new industry.

Identify contacts within your network that can help introduce you to your target companies. Begin to network within the industry by attending related professional association meetings, join LinkedIn Groups and watch the dialogue to understand what is on the minds of professionals within this new targeted industry.

Attend seminars, speakers and other related events to build up your knowledge of the industry “speak.” It will help you when speaking with hiring managers.

Consider trying to work your way in through an agency on a temporary basis so the company gets to know you. Consider volunteering some of your time within the industry. This will put you on the path to future opportunities within your targeted industry.

As the market becomes more robust, the request for specific industry experience will lighten up.


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