Lisa’s Vision

Lisa Chenofsky Singer

Living Your Talent to Achieve Success

Lisa helps clients understand their career journey and create a game plan to confidently engage it. She specializes in bringing awareness to her clients, enabling them to see alternative options for being successful. By encouraging a multifaceted vision of the career journey, Lisa helps individuals identify their skills to leverage their talents and maximize their success.

Career Life Cycle

Lisa understands all stages of the career life cycle. As a coach, consultant, facilitator, and trainer, Lisa works with executives, emerging leaders and professionals struggling in their current role or looking to reinvent themselves; individuals starting out needing to establish their career strategy or re-launching after a gap. Having worked as a human resources leader in various roles, Lisa is intimate with all sides of talent acquisition and management, employee relations and crisis transition.

Holistic Support of Your Career Journey

With her warmth and expertise, Lisa helps create a strategic game plan that bolsters clients’ confidence and provides direction. Lisa provides individual support that helps people find new opportunities, sustain existing roles, and navigate the challenges that many experience during transitions.