Executive and Leadership Coaching

The coaching relationship is a partnership based on a high level of trust and connection. Lisa’s mantra as a coach is to challenge clients to engage their inner strengths and draw upon their talents and life experiences. We support and empower clients as they clarify and create personal and professional goals, and follow through with a strategy to achieve those goals.

Lisa helps clients and organizations achieve their goals within their organization. This work includes:

  • Mindful evaluation
  • Clarification of priorities
  • Identification of challenges
  • Development of an action plan
  • Transitions: developmental changes, leader assimilation, promotions and lateral moves
  • Crisis management, situational recovery, and proactive problem-solving
  • Transformation coaching to help to identify performance gaps
  • Strategic utilization of assessment tools to further client development may include MBTI, HOGAN, Firo-B, 360 Feedback, to just name a few, based on client’s objectives and needs

Types of Coaching

Executive Coaching is a minimum of three to six month engagement supporting the executive in conjunction with the organization. We identify specific goals for the executive and work confidentially with the individual to create lasting change in their professional life.

Leadership Coaching helps the individual reach their potential as a leader. It is offered individually or in a team-based setting.

Laser Coaching  is very relevant in the current coaching climate as a way to address specific needs. It is a short-term engagement that is highly targeted to produce breakthrough results for the fully engaged client prepared for change.