Competitive Advantage

A Customized Plan for Each Client

Our advanced approach to Human Resources and our varied experiences within this field help us to customize a plan for every client, in order to ensure that our clients are positioned for success in both their personal life and their career. Our creative approach, enhanced assessment tools, and genuine consultative style help our clients to realize their short and long term goals. We aim to empower our clients to build their own successful career strategy based on their talents and life experiences.

Experience Counts

Lisa Chenofsky Singer has more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resources. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small enterprises, medium-sized firms, and non-profit organizations. Her consultative work with a wide variety of sectors—consumer goods, healthcare, medical, life sciences, pharmaceutical, media and entertainment,  publishing, professional services, technology, and non-profit environments—has enabled Lisa to leverage her unique ability to bring together wide-ranging perspectives on executive and leadership development, transition and career coaching, and human resources consulting.

Only someone with years of experience in the corporate arena and consulting environments has the intuitive sense to understand the needs of both individuals and organizations. Lisa draws from her comprehensive expertise to help clients undergoing significant transformations and guide executives, leaders, individuals, and organizations through complicated changes. Her targeted advice helps her clients navigate today’s constantly shifting environment. Lisa’s greatest strength is the way she enables individuals and organizations to see themselves in new ways, freeing them to achieve their goals.