Career Strategy and Coaching

Why Career Coaching?
As part of the coaching process, we challenge you to engage your inner strengths and draw upon your talents and life experiences; clarify and create your personal and professional goals; and create a strategy to follow through on achieving your goals, which is an essential part of the process.

We help individuals improve effectiveness in their current jobs and work with them to develop a strategic plan for changing jobs or shifting careers.

Career Coaching encompasses:

  • Identification of interests, strengths and personal definitions of success
  • Design of a meaningful career path
  • Transition decisions: new position, new business, flexible work arrangements, working towards personal goals
  • Transition negotiation: re-entering the work place, job offers, development opportunities, severance
  • Use of evaluation and assessment tools is driven by needs and objectives. Tools may include MBTI, HOGAN, Firo-B, 360 Feedback to just name a few.

College Internship Preparation and Launching One’s Career
Offer Workshops & One-on-One Coaching for college students to prepare their resume, online presence, and presentation style while educating them on job search strategies, techniques and tools required for their career.

Career Transitions
Develop career transition strategy with individuals re-entering the workforce, transitioning from one job to another, a career change and/or returning from an early retirement. Offer Workshops & One-on-One Coaching options.