Lisa Chenofsky Singer

Lisa Chenofsky Singer, founder of Chenofsky Singer & Associates, is all about customizing and personalizing the career development experience. If you want a coach who will select the tools from her toolbox that suit your particular needs and tailor them to just what you are looking for – whether a mid-career shift to a new field, a first-time career exploration, a resume revamp, or an executive coaching package — she is your Coach.

It’s all about you.

My motto, “love your career, live your talents, treasure your life’s successes”™, is all about being a “whole” person in how we live. Balancing our interests, passions, and desire for learning is what keeps our fingers on the pulse. Linking this to how we earn a living is very powerful as when you enjoy what you do, you excel at it and it is not “work” but rather “energy” for you throughout the day. When you can look at possibilities, understand the marketplace AND understand how you can translate your skills and abilities into current needs – you can land a job. When you can take your ability to influence beyond what is directly in front of you— then you are driving your career.

The best way to find success is to 
live your talents by doing what you love.